Our Mission

Re-Mat is a nonprofit dedicated to diverting used mattresses from Texas landfills. We currently turn high quality used memory foam mattresses into dog beds. Re-Mat is also working to launch a major mattress recycling operation in 2021 located in San Antonio, Texas that can handle inner-spring mattresses. Once operational, our goal is to recycle 20,000 mattresses in our first year and 50,000+ once our operation matures. From there, we are determined to open a facility in most major Texas metro areas.

Drop Off / Pick Up

We will offer pick-up and drop-off services for mattresses.

Convenience For You

Once operational, we will charge a small processing fee per unit and provide convenient drop-off and collection services in our community.

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Our 20,000 Goal

Our goal is to divert 20,000 mattresses in our first year of operation. You can help!

Diverting 20,000 Mattresses

About 80% of every mattress can be deconstructed and recovered. Our goal is to recycle 20k mattresses during our first year, and expand upwards of 50k!

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Why Recycle?

Statewide, Texans dispose of over 2.9 million mattresses every year.

Save Landfill Space

87,000 tons of mattress materials are lost to landfills statewide every year. With your help, we can divert these materials and get them back into the circular economy!

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Jobs For The Unemployed

Re-Mat will employ the disenfranchised and those with barriers to employment.

Job Opportunities

We will provide employees with an opportunity to re-establish themselves and strengthen their path to future prosperity.

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Why Mattress Recycling is Important

Statewide, Texans dispose of over 2.9 million mattresses every year. Many end up in our landfills. That’s 87,000 tons of materials that could be recycled! According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s 2018 MSW Report, Texas only has 51 years left of landfill reserve capacity. Mattresses take up 400 times more space in landfills than normal garbage. Therefore, it’s imperative we divert mattresses from our landfills NOW!

About 80% of every mattress can be recycled, by weight.  Mattress recycling diverts these materials from landfills and allows them to be reused in the circular economy. By conserving these resources, we reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. Recycling mattresses not only improves the environment of our beautiful planet, it also provides needed jobs for disenfranchised members of our community.

Organizations We Work With