February 2019 – Picked up the RE-MAT video game and giving it a new shine.

The original development was back in 2018, from march to July, using Gamesalad engine. In August 2018 Chris and I decided to end development to focus on an educational game about blockchain. In February 2019, I dusted off the RE-Mat design, rebuilt it from the ground up with the unreal engine
I have always loved the re-mat game and its world, and now I can make it into the game i always wanted it to be.
Harking back to the PlayStation 1 era, Its a 2.5D action adventure, with RPG elements. Designed to be played with a controller or Keyboard

Aug  9, 5:27PM

A number of updates.

-options screen now shows specs and information about you and information about the armor your wearing

-The first time you recycle a mattress, it will ask you to build a re-mat recycling center.

-Recycling center has a Shop, Recycling Station, and an NPC named Chris who gives out Quests and information

-the more you recycle, the more quests you receive. Chris NPC also gives you rewards, and upgrades your recycling stations for free when recycling certain amounts, as a thank you.

Edit: Whoops, forgot about the text boxes. I set up universal text box (as you see in the recycle part) connected to a table of options. When an NPC speaks, it will reference this table and output story text and information text to read.

Aug  1, 10:20PM

Ill have a level, enemy and boss update soon. For now, heres some smooth inventory menu action.

Aug  1, 10:02PM

Had a great meeting with a band from Austin today, They are going to write some 80’s metal tracks for the game (This why i was posting iron maiden songs). Too awesome.

July 28, 5:30PM

Today’s updates:
-Made a small hud view
-Arms are bigger
-Arms don’t disappear when your mouse or touch leaves the screen.
-saw starts and stops when you click or touch down
-green Info-boxs for various uses
-infoboxes can calculate different materials as you pick them up.
-Indexes to be used to calculate rare materials after tear-down, and more.
-targeting system to highlight things as you pass over them, or when you hold onto objects.
-made Bales more distinct, visuals will updated later when programming finishes.

10 cotton = 1 cotton bale = 1 gold

Believe it or not, the targeting visuals, info-boxes, and Bale_index, -a pain in the neck. The original plan for these were ditched due to their complexity, but I’m happy. I have to move on

July 27 12:17PM

Today’s programming addition:
Each armor you equip is different.
Your starting armor only has 5 storage slots available.
What happens if try to collect more?

July 26, 2:58PM

Today i laid down the basic programming for the world map

July 26, 2:57PM

programming game-play debugging and no polish

July 26, 2:56PM

As some of you know, I’m developing a video game. A couple weeks ago the base game was complete, until Windows started tagging files as corrupt. Although i lost a ton of assets, I’m finally back on track. I might as well share my progress as its being built. Feel free to send me suggestions / pitch ideas, its all in good fun! ill make a couple of posts and attach some stuff

Re-Mat: Fight to Save The Future Game

Game Music Samples

Re-Mat: Fight to Save the Future

Genre: 80s Sci-fi with 80s Metal/Synth/Pop music
Setting: Future and present day San Antonio
Mechanics: 2d Platformer Action-RPG

The Year is 2089. The world lacks recycling facilities and has been consumed by trash. The last 5 humans built you, a time traveling recycling machine, RE-MAT01. Your task -go back in time and save the earth-

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