We are early in the process of realizing our dream and achieving the duel mission of protecting our environment while providing work for those that are challenged in finding employment in the traditional marketplace.

Spring Back Colorado is an organization upon which we are modeling our initiative and which provides validation that our model can be extremely successful.  This story on Denver ABC affiliated Channel 7 is a terrific overview of where we hope to take Re-Mat.

Spring Back Colorado shares our belief that everyone deserves a second chance. At their warehouse on Denver’s north side, they employ a group of men to tear up and recycle the mattresses.

Most of the men are felons or recovering addicts.¬†Spring Back Colorado provides all of them with the the second chance they need to stabilize their lives. Deconstructing and recycling the mattresses keeps them focused while they’re on their journey to recovery.

UTEC – Another Success Story

Spring Back Colorado isn’t the only nonprofit saving lives while recycling mattresses. Based in Lowell, Massachusetts, UTEC is a nonprofit youth services organization that picks up, deconstructs, and recycles mattresses from across northern New England. UTEC contracts with municipalities, hotels, schools, universities, assisted living facilities, and hospitals. UTEC enables at-risk youth to trade violence and poverty for social and economic success. Another excellent example of where our mattress recycling efforts are headed.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Spring Back Colorado and UTEC are just two of the amazing organizations recycling mattresses across the United States. To learn more about mattress recycling nationwide and see a full listing of all mattress recycling organizations across the nation, please visit our previous blog detailing the macro environment of mattress recycling.

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