During 2016, over 1 million mattresses we’re diverted from landfills in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. These three states lead the nation in mattress recycling because they have passed state mandated mattress recycling laws. In this edition, we’re going to provide a quick review of these programs and end by asking “What About Texas?”

In 2016, almost 1 million mattresses were diverted from landfills statewide in California. That’s close to 15,000 tons of materials that were conserved and reintegrated into the circular economy. And this was only California’s first year implementing state mandated mattress recycling. You can read the full report here.

Re-Mat Texas - California State Mandated Mattress Recycling Success

California’s Used Mattress Recovery & Recycling Act, requires that mattress producers, through a certified mattress recycling organization, create a statewide recycling program to collect and recycle mattresses and foundations discarded in the state. The program is funded by a visible recycling fee ($11) collected from consumers and other purchasers on the sale of each mattress and foundation purchased for use in the state. Recycling organizations use the fee to collect, transport, and recycle mattresses discarded in the state, combat illegal dumping, and educate consumers and the industry about the program and benefits of mattress recycling.

The International Sleep Products Association created the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC), a non-profit organization, to develop and administer the mattress recycling program in California. In addition to California, MRC also administers statewide mattress recycling programs in two other states, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Connecticut, which was the first state in the nation to begin state mandate mattress recycling (Public Act 13-42), reported that over 150,000 mattresses were diverted from landfills in 2016 and that the program now has 101 collection sites. MRC funds its Connecticut activities through a $9 per unit recycling fee collected from consumers when they buy a mattress or box spring. You can read the full report here. Re-Mat Texas - Conneticut State Mattress Recycling Success

Rhode Island, which was the third state in the union to begin state mandated mattress recycling (General Law 23-90), hasn’t released an annual report at this time. However, It’s estimated that their state mandated recycling program diverts about 65,000 mattresses from landfills annually. The program is funded through a $10 visible recycling fee collected at retail from customers on each mattress and foundation sold in the state.

So what about Texas?

Excellent question. If these three states can execute successful state mandated mattress recycling, “What about Texas?” In Texas, it’s hard to pass any legislation involving Extended Producer Responsibility at the state level. However, there are many passionate elected officials across the state that take the issue of mattress recycling seriously, and we’re confident that our great state will find a solution to this important issue.

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